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Your Favorite LEGO Super Heroes Are All Here!

If you are a true-blooded LEGO fan, you probably know by now that LEGO Super Heroes sets are packed with cool collection of figures and scenes that resemble our favorite super heroes in their fictional worlds like those seen in the ever-popular DC Universe Comics. Precise attention to detail is utilized in building these sought-after LEGO toy sets. In fact, each set is unique from another – from features, decorations, and even the smallest details. Depending on a particular super hero’s world, LEGO has designed a realistic scene, complete with vehicles and caves as necessary.

Each LEGO toy set is also incorporated with other figures such as sidekicks to complete each hero’s world. Some even include a villain or two, resembling a scene where heroes and enemies fight against one another.

Our Top Picks

There are myriad of choices in LEGO Super Heroes sets ready for purchase in stores and online, so we will list down the top-grossing items found online.

LEGO Captain Americas Avenging Cycle

Captain America is a hero of all ages, especially little children who are engrossed with Marvel’s collection of renowned super heroes. In this LEGO toy set, your favorite hero will fight against the general and the foot soldier with the aim to save motherland. Like any other battles, the odds will face your beloved hero; but the Avenging Cycle is there to help. The cycle is made of solid and embellished mold, and incorporated with front and back tires that spin 360 degrees. The opponent, on the other hand, has a cool spacecraft complete with removable components like the lowerable front shield. The back of the spacecraft is geared with translucent parts, which are extremely detailed and adjacent to the spacecraft’s flick missile.

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LEGO Super Heroes the Batcave

When there’s trouble in Gotham, your mysterious hero is constantly to the rescue – Batman. But Batman never conquer his battles without his trusty sidekick, Robin. Both figures are incorporated in this very popular LEGO super heroes set, all-inclusive with cool gadgets like weapons, handcuffs, and binoculars. Inside the Batcave lies Batman’s command center and holding cell, precisely detailed with computer monitors and a chair where he tracks bad guys lurking on the road.

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LEGO Quinjet Aerial Battle

This LEGO Super Heroes set revolves around the Avengers and Loki together with his minions, who are determined to make chaos in the world… again! But the Avengers need not worry, because they have a handy weapon to beat the enemy in the form of Quinjet. Measuring 15 by 5 inches, the Quinjet is designed with two cockpits that has enough space for holding two mini-figures. It also has an adjustable rear door and a minijet that detaches from it when prompted. To capture Loki and his crew, there are 4 missiles that you can use in the battle, complete with a platform that drops or rises.

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LEGO Hulk Helicarrier Breakout

Like the Quinjet, the Hulk Helicarrier Breakout is operated by your favorite league of strong heroes – the Avengers. Now that Loki has escaped back to freedom, you can use the Hellicarrier to lock him up in the cell again so he can’t cause further trouble to humanity. An awesome feature of this set is its containment cell, which explodes whenever Loki breaks out. It keeps a jetfighter in handy, which features a cockpit and 4 flick missiles. To boost speed, you can use its blast function whenever necessary. You could also fire canisters in this set by simply using its fuel canisters. The minifigures included in this set are Thor with his handy hammer, Hulk, and Hawkeye geared with his bow and arrow. All of this and more are up for grabs in this highly acclaimed 389-piece LEGO toy set.

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LEGO Super Heroes Batmobile and The Two-Face Chase

Aside from Joker, Two-Face is another villain in Batman that’s hard to forget. Also known as Harvey Dent, Two-Face became a crime mastermind and found a life of mayhem after acid ruined his face. You could help Batman stop Two-Face through the use of this LEGO Super Heroes set. Apart from Batmobile and the opponent’s car, this Lego toy set is accessorized with safety vault, money, doors, and breakable windows. Not only that – the cars are also equipped with impressive weapons including the flick missiles and translucent front lights. The rear edge of the Batmobile is endowed with flames – just like how it was in the Batman movie. Two-Face’s car, on the other hand, is constructed with two flick missiles and a compatible two-tone color that’s signature to Two-Face. This car also features a crane used for stealing money from the bank. A very nice Lego toy set!

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There you have our top 5 picks on LEGO Super Heroes toy collection. All sets can be found and ordered online, complete with realistic worlds and crime-busting features you’ll definitely go crazy about!

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