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Whether your child is ready for more thrilling LEGO toys or you are looking for something awesome to give him, the LEGO Bricks & More is certainly the way to go. In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s a LEGO toy line that’s not inspired with themes.

Here are the most popular sets for LEGO Bricks & More as of this year:

LEGO Bricks & More Builders of Tomorrow Set
Considered as one of LEGO Bricks and More’s specialty sets, the Tomorrow Set is well-liked by brick-building fans. This set, composed of 650 multi-colored bricks, can be used as is or side by side with other themed LEGO sets.

While there are hundreds of bricks in this set, there are no special accessories such as doors and windows included. This is because it is used mainly to accessorize other LEGO sets. The great thing about this set though, based on customer testimonials, is that it has smaller bricks. Hence, the creation would be more detailed and aesthetically pleasing.


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LEGO Bricks & More Deluxe Brick Box
Most LEGO builders keep coming back for more bricks. If you are one of them, this 704-piece set is perfect for you. Based on what your imagination dictates, you can create a structure using windows, doors, wheels, base plate, as well as two mini-figures – all at your disposal. This deluxe tool also comes with a brick-separation tool should you have trouble with unsticking LEGO pieces.


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LEGO Bricks & More Pink Brick Box
This LEGO Bricks & More Pink set is not only for girls, but for boys as well! Little or not, there are variety of brilliant colors to enjoy, which include dark pink, bright pink, dark purple, lavender, magenta, and lime. Other added features are one colorful mini-figure and cute accessories such as plates and croissants. To help you build a wonderful LEGO creation, you can use the tools included in the set – the brick separator and product manual.

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LEGO Bricks & More My First LEGO Set
If your child ready to upgrade from DUPLO to classic LEGO toys, this is the perfect set to start with. With LEGO Bricks & More My First LEGO Set, you have a base plate, one mini-figure, and 231 pieces to make your creation pop. Additional accessories include propellers, windows, doors, and wheels. Whether you want to build a helicopter, a car, or a simple house, all instruction can be found in the manual.

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LEGO Bricks & More Airport Building Set
Is your kid crazy about building trains and cars? Then, this is the “go-to” set for you. He can even build his own airport for plane landings; complete with pilot who controls the plane and a worker who manages the place.

This 310-piece LEGO set can be build using your creative mind and instruction booklet. Aside from planes and cars, kids can also build baggage loaders and fueling trucks. Just imagine how delighted your child can be with this massive LEGO Bricks & More set!

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These LEGO Bricks & More sets are readily available online. These are just some of the LEGO best toy sets. Pick one that best suits your child’s interest and trust that you are giving them an entertaining and mind-stimulating toy that will last for as long as possible.

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